This is the night…it’s a beautiful (cold) night…(not for love) for Zommmbbieesss…

25 Jan

(title reference made for Lady and the Tramp– if my obscure reference doesn’t ring a bell. Hey, it kinda works if you sing it in your head…daaa da-da -daaaa…)

The 2012 (I almost wrote 2011!!) council inauguration and oath swearing-in for the Zombie Action Committee of Pittsfield, MA happens tonight at 7pm at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts (28 Renne Ave–off North Street) (why all the colors? I don’t know…but I’m going with it).

There will be at least one award given (to Jessica Lamb of Dottie’s Coffee Lounge — you remember where that is, guys– the zombie make-up & the Geeks with Issues shoot was done at that location on North Street back in October for the Zombie Walk) and speeches given (by people- not zombies) and will be filmed by a crew to put on the local Pittsfield tv station. If there’s some kind of linkable “doo-hickey” to see the broadcast if you miss it or aren’t even remotely CLOSE to the area, I’ll post it up here for you to see later (or give details once I know more about it). Hopefully yours truly won’t trip over her own feet in the broadcast. /wink

That’s my news for today- guys and ladies. Later on, I’ll post something up about what Wednesday means for my exercise routine (because I know you want to read that…haha)!


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