The Wonderful world of ‘Cryptic’

12 Mar

I have received some wonderful reviews of Cryptic since its launch. I am so thrilled that it’s largely so well received.

“I eagerly await the next installment – or indeed anything that drips from the pen of Ms Chaney.” – Adam Millard, author of Dead Cells and Dead West.

“The book gripped me and refused to relinquish its grasp until the final sentence.” – Dane Grannon, author of Lucky Streak

“I have read débuts from other writers and put the book down within five pages…In this case we witness a début into greatness. Very few writer’s have such talent as D.A. Chaney.” – R.D. Tuen, author of short story “Suicide Solution” in the Wake Up Dead anthology.

“Ms. Chaney eschews the modern day zombie story and takes you back to a time where there were not gun stores in every corner.” – Todd Brown, author of the Zomblog series, Dead-the Ugly Beginning series, Dakota, and more.

“Wish It Had Been Longer” – Ursula K. Raphael, reviewer and author of The Survivor

Tonight, I received an unexpected and very thrilling review by Chantal Boudreau – another successful and prolific author of titles such as “Fervor,” “Elevation”, “Insurance”, “Magic University”, and more than a dozen short story collections -some of which we have shared together as well like Wake the Witch (a charity anthology), Hell Hath No Fury (an all female zombie collaboration anthology), and non-fiction Zombie Writing! collection.

I’m totally buzzing with happiness that she enjoyed it. “DA is a natural writer”.

See her full review and opinion here:

You can find a copy of Cryptic in paperback or Kindle form below if you’d like to check it out. I’m hoping you will and that you’ll let me know if you enjoyed it too 🙂 :

If you’re looking for new books to read- check out the very fine authors who took the time to not only read my novella- but kind enough to leave reviews on it. I know they will appreciate it, as much as I do. 🙂


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