Zombie…music? Cool!

19 Apr


There’s all kinds of music out there. I like all kinds- and I’m sure you do too. It probably depends on beat, rhythm, lyrics, and the effect it has on you– otherwise why like music at all, right?

When I heard there was a genre of music that was “Steampunk” inspired – I was interested, and had to check it out on Youtube. I ran across Abney Park— a wise choice (my favorites are “Airship Pirates” and “Sleep Isabella“).

When I heard that there is ZOMBIE music, that doesn’t just have the word “zombie” in the songs, I had to find out what that was all about, too. As a writer, sometimes I sit in front of my computer searching for music to inspire certain tones that I want my scenes to convey.

I heard about Aaron Stoquert and I just needed to know what “zombie music” sounded like. I figured I’d hear a lot of heavy metal and moaning, to be quite honest. So, I was really surprised when I heard this crooning voice and this easy beat coming through my iPhone and before I knew it, I was really digging it.

My interest is not just because it’s deemed “zombie music”- although, obviously, I do enjoy the zombie genre and that interest lead me to the artist, but it was also one of those things that just “hit me” as enjoyable.

Aaron writes and performs his songs from what a zombie might think or feel, which I think is pretty interesting but I also kind of feel like some of the lyrics could convey what a person might feel in a “zombie state of being” after something like a bad break up, too. That was my feeling, anyway, while listening to some of the songs.

Now, it isn’t and won’t be for “everyone”, certainly. Not any more than Abney Park might be for some people- but I am hoping there will be a trend of zombie genre inspired music (like there has been with Steampunk genre music) to see what can be done with it from here.

Here’s a Youtube video and a sample of Aaron’s work, if you’re curious too:

Soft Skin – video

You can find a CD or MP3 download here (or on iTunes):

Aaron on Amazon



Aaron’s website:

If you check it out- I’d really love to know what you thought too. Or maybe, I’m just weird (I am) haha.


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