Weekend Update – The Raid 2 and Still Water

28 Apr


This past weekend I recorded a new podcast episode with Dave and Ted from SlasherCast for their Side Effect program.

We sat down and discussed the explosive sequel, “The Raid 2“. The recording will be up by mid-week on their website but you can also catch it on their feed on iTunes, Stitcher, or preferred podcast catcher application on your Smartphone by searching for SlasherCast (the Side Effect episodes are side ‘casts on that appear in the main stream of the show and will be available there and properly labeled when new ones are loaded). We grade the movie and go over the film first, without spoilers, and then in the later half, we go spoiler heavy and discuss favorite parts and our things we had trouble with. Want to know what we thought? Check it out when it hits the SC feed and get in touch and let us know what you thought. Stay tuned to the end for a special episode #hashtag to use on Twitter!


@SCSideEffect / @Slasher_Cast = the show

@SlasherCastTed = Ted

@TheHumanIMDB = Dave

@DA_Chaney = Me

You can find some of the episodes that I’ve been on here:


I have a list of podcasts that I listen to (I will list my favorites on a future post) and on one of my top favorite shows, The Hollywood Outsider (a TV and movie podcast) Justin Macumber published a new book, “Still Water“. He asked that people who bought his book take selfie pictures with his title. Having purchased a Kindle title, I threw my hat in the ring and did just that.


(photo: The IMAHO t-shirt is a Hollywood Outsider fan t-shirt, “I’m a Hollywood Outsider” (fan) )

I am only half way through the book but so far I am enjoying it. The book is centered around a coal mining town that stumbles on an ancient evil secret.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find it, Justin, and The Hollywood Outsider at the links below. Enjoy!

And if you buy a copy, be sure to tag Justin on FB with a selfie. He’ll love it.

Amazon Link:

Justin‘s website:

Justin on Facebook:

The Hollywood Outsider website:

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