Godzilla, Kaiju, and Jeremy Robinson

29 Apr




While you’re waiting for May 16th (USA) for the new Godzilla movie to hit theaters, I thought that I would let you in on a series of books by one of my favorite horror action authors who has been writing about his own Kaiju threat to the world.

I’ve been reading Jeremy Robinson‘s novels for a few years and I’m always amazed, happy, and excited when he has a new series that I can get into. I go the horror action thriller route primarily, though I tend to deviate from time to time when it comes to Jeremy Robinson’s work. Call me a fan girl, because I totally am. And it’s not just because the man writes a great string of action sequences that make you want to spin kick off the chair that you’re sitting on and hit someone in the face with your foot.

You’d be getting close, but that’s not quite it.

The man writes like a fiend. 14 books written or co-written by him last year! 9 or more planned for this year. The man is prolific as well as extremely entertaining. Any author’s dream come true, in one man (OK, he could have a secret baby Kaiju slave writing army by now for all I know, but he started out the way all new authors do- from the bottom- and it’s pretty damn impressive in my opinion). Anyway, that’s why *I* like the guy, although I’ve never met him. He entertains my mind and I’m inspired (or rabid envious) by his dedication.

He and I recently had a friendly chat, which consisted of me basically fan girl-ing over his book Island 731, that I happen to like quite a lot. It edges out SecondWorld, which is pretty great as well, but I731 is at the top of my list. I’ve recommended this book on The Shelf Life podcast and I’ve listened to the audiobook a handful of times – the story is fun and the narrator (R.C. Bray) is a favorite of mine. After a short discussion, it became known to me that I was missing out on a new series of books that he was writing about Kaiju. Now, I am a HUGE Pacific Rim fan. I can’t say that I got too well into the Godzilla phase, I never really saw the appeal in the older movies and while the Matthew Broderick one was…shot probably as it was intended to be, I just didn’t get into it the way I did say…a Jurassic Park or Pacific Rim.



(Photo: an Internet image representing concept art from Pacific Rim. Not my own. I did not create it)

I have high hopes for this new version in May, but getting back on track here  — I found this series of novels by Robinson and I dove in. Of course, before I knew it, I was hooked.

If you like big monster movies like Pacific Rim or anime animation like Evangelion — you really should check these novels out. If you find you don’t have a lot of time to sit and read, pick up the audiobooks from Audible and pop them on during your ride to work, shopping, exercising, walking the dog, waiting in line at the DMV….and you might just find excuses why you need to be a little more active (because you want to hear more!)

I do recommend checking out Island 731 first and then diving into the Kaiju stories. There are elements that you will find helpful by doing that, though it’s not strictly necessary. I suppose I could entice you by saying that Jeremy’s website indicates that he’s writing a “Project 731” this year, which will be the third book in the Kaiju series…but that would just be repeating what I already, eh hem, said (whisper : check out I731 first *grin*).

If you’ve read these books by Jeremy and have enjoyed them — I just wanted to mention that this week (today actually) Jeremy is releasing a brand new novel called “Xom-B“. It is not in any way related to the novels above, but it’s relevant because it’s out this week and will be ready to grab and read at the touch of a button. You can also grab it on Audible, it’s been recorded by R.C Bray (excellent narrator)

I know that I did a fair share of gushing in this post, but I do that if I like something and I think it’s pretty obvious that I do. I’m big on creature features and great action, especially if the writing grabs me. You have a few weeks before the Godzilla movie comes out. Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in Jon Hudson’s (character) world where Kaiju are real. You will have a really good time – and if you’re into something a little different: a little… science fiction action adventure…go pick up Xom-B.

I bet you’ll make Jeremy’s day (it’s much better than making a grown man cry, trust me.)

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