Free Comic Book Day – Reminder

02 May



So this isn’t a new thing, but it may be something you haven’t seen before– or forgot that it was coming up.

This Saturday (tomorrow) is FREE comic book day at local participating comic book shops. This event allows comic book distributors, fans, and shops to all get together and share love for comics, comic book heroes, artwork, stories, and more. If you’re not sure you’re into comics, the free stash could possibly give you a reason to get into them with a wide variety of titles they plan to give away. If you have younger kids, there are some comics in the free stash that are geared toward them- and you can both read them together while looking at the artwork.

I’m personally looking forward to the Guardians of the Galaxy and V-Wars books in the pile for myself and grabbing the Hello Kitty for my niece and something age appropriate for my nephew as well.

The link below has a complete list of titles being arranged for Saturday, while supplies last, as well as a participating store locator function. The scuttle-butt is, get there early enough so that you get all the ones you want. If the shop is particularly popular, they could go fast.

Do your shop a favor too, scout around and try to buy something while you’re there too. Free is FREE and well and good, but the shops could use a little green love to keep marching forward if you can spare some.

Enjoy your comic spree! I hope you all find something good or new in your stash!

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