In Your Eyes – Joss Whedon

02 May




(photo: Internet image. I didn’t create it and don’t take credit for it’s design. It’s just awesome)

Wait, they don’t mean THAT “In Your Eyes”?         Whoops. <wink>

Great choice in the title. It’s such a good song, so if you haven’t heard it in a long time….just kick back and listen to the whole thing. Go ahead, I’ll wait, I’m listening to it on repeat as I type this anyway. *foot tapping, head bobbing*


(photo: A fun Internet image. Not my creation.)

Ok. Now that we have that out of our (my) system, let’s chat about the movie I just watched in a short burst.

THIS is the right one.


Starring: Zoe Kazan (of ‘Ruby Sparks’), Michael Stahl-David (of ‘Cloverfield’), Mark Feuerstein (of tv show ‘Royal Pains’)

In Your Eyes is a super cute movie with super cute actors. It’s a little supernatural, a little long distance romance-y, and a pretty interesting way to do an emotional bonding film.

Dylan is a good hearted man who grew up with the wrong crowd and ended up with a rap sheet and Rebecca is the girl-next-door type with emotional issues that her husband is seemingly happy to help control for her. The characters feel a bit cookie cutter but for me that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the characters because I liked how the actors portrayed these people.

The story itself was fun. The two can unexplainably see, feel, and hear things happening to each other through a mutual visual connection – this causes pleasure and pain for them both as unexpected issues come up (though I honestly wondered why they both didn’t just walk around with huge obvious Bluetooth mic headsets strapped to their ears to hide what appeared to be ‘crazy’ behavior to everyone else involved). This could of course, cause a bit of moral outrage over the whole “she’s married” issue but I’ll leave that to you to decide when you see the movie on how you felt it worked out for them.

I enjoyed the movie. While I didn’t have the emotional impact of watching it that I did with say…”The Lake House” (Sandra Bullock), it was a good film. Something a little different, not trying to solve every little issue that came up. I felt that this was worth my $5 VOD experience on VIMEO (where you can currently stream it). I should note that I have felt stronger emotions watching other Joss Whedon projects than I did with this one, but I still liked it. I’m glad I watched it. It made me smile and made me happy, which is all it needed to do.

You can view the trailer here– and at the end it will allow you to click through to the site and rent the movie if you want to give it a try.






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