#Outlander – Happy days in May

08 May

E x c e l l e n t   Outlander   n e w s!

Mark your calendars!  August 9th at 9 PM 

Something great happened today — Outlander fans finally have a TV show release date and along with it – Starz has released a fabulous looking promo poster for the series that says so much with so little. For the first time, I think maybe since the X-Files – there is a poster from a show on TV that I actually would like to own and put on my wall (without the release date info on it).

I think that it is gorgeous poster art– especially for fans who love the series and wait for new information every day (and hopefully for new fans who want to get into the series. They can now fully envision the characters- whether they pick up the books now or wait for the show to air).

Each time more information is released, the more excited that I become. I can’t wait.



For a more in depth discussion, info, and pics- and my updated Outlander blog post, visit :

Official Starz website: 

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