A cast gathering for Aliens fans – #Aliens

11 May






 A great cast reunion for the fans at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in April 2014 – Aliens Expo(sed).


I had time to check out the footage of the Aliens panel this weekend and I admit, I squeed a few times. It couldn’t be helped. We’re all fans of something that we get excited over and this is just one of many of such things for me.

The footage isn’t filmed from the best angle (the cameraman was in the 4th row or so) and it’s difficult to see everything on stage and Star Trek Voyager moderator, Garrett Wang doesn’t always handle the panel as good as he possibly could – but he’s also a huge fan and is doing his own geeking out (who wouldn’t, unless the moderator is not a fan– and those types of moderators are pretty dry in those cases) but all is forgiven because as the viewer in our computer chairs, couch, or browsing on our mobile devices, we’re not ‘there’ to watch the moderator. We’re tuning in to see the actors of one of our beloved movies.

And- thanks to this person who filmed it and posted it, we didn’t pay $100.00 a person to see it live, either (not that they are not worth the price, but most of us missed out on the convention entirely). I say that’s a pretty fair bargain and besides, if you’re a fan of the franchise, you get the general idea of what is going on anyway because the audio is excellent.



Fun Tidbits: “Vasquez” was an unofficial body builder at the time of her casting.”Frost” had his diamond hard abs from years of basketball – and still does! At around 18 mins, Bill Paxton and Michael Biehn walked on stage and someone calls out “Heil Hydra” – which was really fun. Laughs, memories, good times had by all the fans.

The funny thing that I realized while watching the panel was how odd it must feel to come back to a property that you did many years (and sometimes in a completely different life that you might have had then) ago and relive it again for people who love it, and the people involved in it. Can you imagine being one of the actors and hearing/seeing clips of the movie you did over 20 years in the past and how surreal that feeling must be? To walk out on that stage – some with new careers- in or out of acting (Carrie is a school teacher) where people you don’t know, who may even be younger than you are- LOVE you because of a movie role? How crazy awesome but absolutely unreal would that be?  It reminded me of the portrayal of how a convention would be like for members of a long loved TV series who have gone off the air but they revisit the events for fans (and other reasons), as Galaxy Quest showed beautifully. But maybe not quite as behind the scenes awkward. They all looked like they had a pretty good time being welcomed back to adoring fans.



So on that Xenomorphic note…who’s looking forward to checking out the new Alien: Isolation video game coming out this year? It may be a little out of my league but I can’t help but be intrigued by it even though I’m a more RPG console gaming fan. Games like Outlast are ones I tend to like to watch be played, than actually play them myself. Unless I have a lot of ammo – and this game will have none! – I tend to die a lot more at surviving these types of games (which is exactly what happened in Outlast).



Alien Moms Day


Happy Mother’s Day for all the mom’s out there

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