Edge of Tomorrow review – @SCSideEffect

15 Jun

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Dave Laudenslager from the SlasherCast podcast and I sat down to discuss Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s Summer teamup, The Edge of Tomorrow. It is based on the novel, “All You Need is Kill” (which I have experienced via Audible and I comment on in the episode) by Hiroshi Sakurazaka (narrated by: Mike Martindale – definitely worth checking out!). 

GOOD TO KNOW DETAILS: All of the Side Effect episodes are split into non-spoiler and spoiler sections – so we will get into basic information first and then into more specific details in the second half of the show.

Some people call it “Ground Hogs Day” meets an alien invasion movie, but if you want to hear what we had to say about it- you should check it out for yourselves. We had a lot to say on the movie and we’d like to know what you guys thought. You can interact with us directly on Twitter at : @TheHumanIMDB (that’s Dave) or @DA_Chaney – or on the Slasher Cast Side Effect Twitter account at @SCSideEffect.


^ this is the Comic Book / Manga Graphic novel version – which is not the same as the actual novel. Strong elements from the book are captured though.

You can stream it on the link below or locate it in the SlasherCast podcast feed on iTunes or Stitcher (there are other podcast devices, but these two seem to be the most widely known).

You can also catch an interview that Tom Cruise does on the Nerdist podcast also, which was pretty great to listen to.




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