Written in My Own Heart’s Blood – #MOBY

16 Jun



A reaction blog post- NOT a REVIEW:

Like many Diana Gabaldon readers, I have my copy of book 8 since last week. I chose the audio version because I absolutely love the unabridged narrator, Davina Porter‘s portrayal of the characters. I have been listening to the book a bit at a time to make the experience last, which is fortunate in some ways because I’m pretty sure if I bought the book copy already, I would have blown through it already to get to the end. And I want to make this story last. It will undoubtably be another five years before the next (maybe last?) installment and I don’t want to just carelessly chew through it.

I am a little more than half ways through the story already and of course, I want to know how all the threads come together (but I’m still taking my time). I find it rather interesting that every time there is a major POV change in the story – I internally cringe, feeling a jarring experience and then…mayyybe five minutes later, I’m off and running with that new POV pretty easily. (In particular, I mean the past/future story-lines).

I know that I can’t be the only one while reading –  went  “Ohhhhh snaaap!” out loud at a particular three way generation meeting between three male characters. I want to say more, but I won’t. Just in case someone reading this has not been that far yet. I love how a book can make me feel so thrilled like this. I’m just so engaged, especially as a listener. It’s what has made me WANT to be a writer all my life. I may not have accomplished many written feats in my life yet, but I can easily say that these experiences while reading transcend the book for me. I feel a kind of….”reality” in the words. A…magical metamorphosis.

And, I’m betting that I look like a real nut case, eyes glazed over and grinning at “nothing” when I’m out in public listening to a good book. 🙂 No one knows what the heck I’m laughing at, which of course makes me laugh even harder at the startled looks 🙂 It’s alllll good, dear public. All good.


I have little doubt that I’ll finish the story this coming week and then get caught up on listening to all the podcast episodes that I didn’t get to hear from last week (they all pretty much went on a back burner for me – or at least were pushed out, until I could get my claws into MOBY).

I am sure there will be another book cliffhanger (or 3 or 4 given the last book ending) and I’m crossing my fingers that things will go ok. Diana has a Facebook post up to discuss spoilers-  which I am totally avoiding looking at. I don’t even want a peek at what’s coming. I just hope that by the end, I’m not heartbroken. I’m not sure why I keep envisioning something bitter sweet and sad at the end of this series, but I kind of keep…waiting for it. So it can’t just jump out at me and go “we gotcha!”

Anyway, if you’re reading it too– enjoy. If you’re new to the series, that is really great. What a wonderful ride that you’re on. If you’re along with me and now waiting for book 9…at least we have August to look forward to with the Starz premiere. It’ll help!





Davina Porter  (and her husband I think) and the recording crew.










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