A Gaming Kind of Weekend – #MurderedSoulSuspect

07 Jul
Happy 4th of July America!

Happy 4th of July America!


So, DA, what did you spend your 4th of July weekend doing this year? Inquiring Minds want to know!

Well, since you asked so nicely, I can tell you that I didn’t spend it at the beach, Longwood Gardens, at the free concert in Philly, or in a local lot watching the fireworks (of which took a full 75 minutes to exit the area after they were all over last year. Parking had been a nightmare! Thus I’d spent 75 minutes roaming around the lot buying fried dough / funnel cake and ice cream before the vendors cleared out). Even with the bad taste in my mouth from last year it is an unusual case that I didn’t go watch them, as I love this time of year, I have ever since I was a tot – but there it is. I didn’t go out. I spent my weekend playing a video game – one that I managed to start and complete in the SAME weekend. When does that happen?

Not often. I have many games that I’ve started that I have yet to finish simply because of the long hours involved in getting to the end. Upon the recommendation of a friend of mine, I went to Redbox and rented…

Murdered: Soul Suspect video game

Murdered: Soul Suspect video game

My Favorite Quote: “You have the right to remain silent. If you throw a cop out a window, they have the right to hunt you down and kick your ass.”



My Game Opinions : (I am not a professional video game reviewer, I just like to play video games and am commenting on what I liked and didn’t like). 

[Note: Because I rented the game, I did not install it to my Xbox 360 like I would usually do with most games I play. Maybe if I had some of the reported and experienced lag might not have happened…unknown.]


From just a gamers perspective (and not someone in the business of knowing details behind gaming mechanics) –

The Graphics were really pretty decent. Ronan as a ghost sometimes looks a little fuzzy and not as crisp as he could be, but that also could have been intentional because for 99% of the game, he’s a ghost. The environment is good, maybe not excellent, but damn clear most of the time. Even the ghost walls and items are good looking for an Xbox 360 game.

The Story Personally, I loved the story. It’s not a new theme, by any means – in gaming or other media – but I truly enjoyed where it lead me, all the way up to the end. Ronan is a man with a hard past who wants nothing than to make up for it with his future by being the kind of cop who won’t turn away when it gets to hard. He’s hardboiled, gruff, tough, and a chain smoker with a great fedora hat. A little Noire style meets plainclothes. With the death of his wife, he’s become a bit reckless, careless, and thoughtless and that gets him into serious trouble with this new case, as you will see in the first five minutes or so of playing. I can’t go as far as to say he’s a human “Big B/Bigby” from Wolf Among Us, but he’s a step or two below it, in rage factor (which might be why I liked his character so much.)

The Characters  I talked a little about Ronan above – I liked him. There’s no huge story arc where he does or doesn’t get a heart of gold, he’s just a murdered man trying to find out who killed him. Joy is a teenage punk who is looking for her Mom and even though she doesn’t want to help Ronan out, their fates become intertwined. She’s the right level of punk for the game – not so over the top that you have to roll your eyes. Rex is a good man and while he’s not prominent in the game as much, you do get the feeling that he really cares about Ronan and he’s busted up that he’s been murdered. Baxter is a jerk – but he’s typical of a jerk type cop role. Cookie cutter, but fine for what little he shows up in the story.

The Quests/Cases/Collectables I felt they added a good ‘world/location’ story to them. I enjoyed the backdrop of Salem to the game too. While I’m sure poor Salem, the real Salem, is tired of all the witch stuff – it is a history that they are rich in, and it lends well to this game. I enjoyed all of the collection items and the ghost quests. Even the few that you couldn’t really help were a nice background to the game. There were these nice cut scenes that you can watch when you collect each of the ghost’s quest items that I thought were done uniquely. Instead of an actual full video (maybe due in part for lack of time or money to develop them) there was one frame of the story, usually with one item moving through it- like broken glass shards, while the narrator told their ghostly story. I liked the change of pace here – that as the story unfolded, that this one picture that you are looking at, is nicely relevant to the story being told. That was great.

Gameplay was mostly good. The game is fairly fast paced and generally linear in some spots. When you have to be in one place, you’re there until you figured out that part of the mystery, but there is a bit of an aquarium style open location feel to it once you break out of some of the main locations where the big story stuff takes place. The game can get pretty laggy when you are running from place to place (left trigger button) – the screen literally stutters as you move, as if it was a digitally streaming game instead of something from the disk, but it doesn’t happen every time- and it can be overlooked if you’re not picky. There sometimes is a difficultly picking out specific items to focus on for the investigations – (X button to chose, RT to Reveal items). Sometimes it was a matter of being in exactly the right place to see what you needed to see, but it IS easy to over look items this way, making it difficult to always get a 100% clear on that one case goal unless you scour (or look up the data online) the area for it. There was a few times that I did have to completely reload the last save point because for some reason my X and RT buttons didn’t seem to be doing anything (probably an unresolved glitch), but I can only think of two times this happened, so it wasn’t too big a deal. A quick reload did the trick.

Bugs/Glitches  I read there are a few in the game, I was lucky not to have encountered many of the others. Other than the ones I mentioned above, there was one huge and notable glitch for me that happened toward the third act of the game. The story line had me revisit a Church – now there are TWO scenarios here. 1) Some people don’t get the CUT SCENE at all and are left wandering a crime scene with no idea what to do next, 2) for me- I originally did get the cut scene and went to the crime scene and started poking around. At that moment in time, I decided I was good to exit the game and do some other non-gaming stuff and come back to it later. When I reloaded my saved game – I started in the hallway again, as it hadn’t saved my progress when I viewed the crime scene and this time, there was no cut scene at all – which I didn’t think was odd, since I had seen it once, but when I went to investigate it…there were no options to collect my clues. I was unable to press X over any clue items at all. I reloaded a few times just to see if something would work and I did completely exit out and come back into the game, but nothing worked. I’ll post the work around for that further down so that if you run into it- you can get out of it too. I didn’t notice that there was any achievement that I lacked getting for skipping this investigation, so don’t let that stop you from playing the game. Just know that you may need to find some work arounds if glitches DO happen.


The Demons  The demons remind me of the Dementors from Harry Potter’s world. They feel a little like maybe they weren’t a fully realized villain in the game, sprinkled in here and there to give a certain thrill or tactic that a general gamer might look for – and not a straight up murder mystery game to which it feels more like, than not. Maybe there had been an idea to utilize more of them through the game, but they felt a little disjointed- and later in the game, frustrating in packs of 3 and 4. Any seasoned gamer can likely stay away from the demons’ cone of inspection sight that they have (think of patrols in the Dishonored video game) , sneak up behind them, and take them out. The interesting thing to these demons is the way you execute them changes with each one. Or rather the specific control changes. It’ll always be the left trigger stick, but the direction changes- as does one of the 4 game pad buttons (X,B,Y,A). For me, this was frustrating in that I always had to pay super attention to the call out of the direction to execute the demon to get it right (and sometimes I didn’t, which lead me to flea for a hiding spot) – but for seasoned players, they probably have no real problem with this kind of control and can get past the demons easily. Also, I should point out that while this frustrated me, I also saw the flair in doing this too. Changing up the execution DOES actually give the game a little bit more unpredictability, which again- harkens me back to the PS2 games where not everything is cookie-cutter, laid out there for you every time.

Maps/Object ID’s  Don’t bother looking for an in-game map or an ID tracker. While there is a main quest line tracker- to get you to the next location, there is not an in-game map mock up and the only way you can find the collectible objects is to visually see their glowing lights or get close enough to find a “Reveal” icon. It’s pretty difficult to get a 100% clear in the game in the shortest amount of time (assuming you wanted to speed play this game to begin with) without looking up where to find certain things in the game online. This works pretty well with NAMED objects, I.E. Julia’s Memories because each object is labeled with a name that you can search for, but it does become a little more difficult when you are looking for the Ashes to Ashes objects, Spellbook #2 out of 11. For me, I always tend to have the hardest problems looking for the last 1 or 2 of any object that I’ve missed in an area and spend gobs of time looking at the same scenery trying to find what I’ve gone past. Again, this has a catch 22 feel to it. It’s a little irritating, when looking for items you’ve missed, but it’s also a little refreshing that like with some games that just HAND you every thing with map markers (Tomb Raider 2013 – while it’s a GREAT game, it does have a map system that gives a lot of details. Admittedly, the game is HUGE and had a lot of collectables compared to M:SS, but I think you get what I mean. Sometimes it IS just nice not to have every game piece spoon fed to you, especially in a short game like this).

Ok. With everything said, I honestly actually enjoyed the game. Now, that could be because I rented the game for 2.00 a day at Redbox and didn’t purchase it full price (I’m sorry game developers, I’m not saying the game wasn’t worth your time or my money necessarily- I can see the work put into the game and hey, I’m totally not sh*tting on the final product, I liked what ya did, but my money’s tight these days, and I’d probably have been upset if I’d sprung full money on this and it had the shortcomings that it did, which may or may not have been your fault, but it is a finished and packaged game and I must treat it like that. I’m fine with irritating demons and no map/object ID’s – but the glitches were not intentional to the gameplay and were a draw back to a finish game.) but be that as it may, I found the game truly entertaining and I get a kick out of the name of it 🙂 It really could have been a much larger and longer game — Ronan could have been drawn out by other cases, ghosts, towns, cities, etc like Tomb Raider (2013) and I would have enjoyed the ride if it had been that long, but given the issues that it did have- I felt fine treating this as a nice weekend game. Something new to sink my teeth into and have a little fun with.

I won’t kid you and say that this is something that everyone will enjoy or should run out and check out as the new “underdog is a grand slam hit” kind of game but I would say that this is a game that old school gamers can kick back and play with a can of beer at the ready, with a few hours to kill as well as for newer gamers who don’t like too much fuss or too much open worlding (but not young enough to be sensitive to the murderous nature of the story). It has a nice nostalgia feel to it that I really appreciated. Would have loved to play more content in it.

Gamers, It’s definitely worth checking out. Give it a try, it has some GREAT elements that I’m personally glad that I was able to play through, just don’t expect perfection and I think you’ll like it too.



Here begins spoiler-ish information, hints/tricks/helpful links and videos for the game. Do not cross if you don’t want to be spoiled by ANY content not in the game! (Glitch info at the end of the post)


Links and items that helped me get through the game that you might find useful also:

A written Walkthrough of the game-

A video Walkthrough of the collectables in the game –

An IGN Wiki Page for some collectables-

Character: Joy

Character: Joy




Xbox 360 Avatar Gear

Xbox 360 Avatar Gear


Names of the named collectables in the game –  This list helped me to cross check my discovered list against what I didn’t have! Very useful!

Ghost Abilities (14)
1. Pass Through – Salem Streets
2. Possess – Salem Streets
3. Investigative Skill – Salem Streets
4. Peek – Salem Streets
5. Escaping Demons – Apartment
6. Approaching Demons – Apartment
7. Executing Demons – Apartment
8. Reveal – Salem Streets
9. Touch – Church
10. Cat – Church
11. Poltergeist – Apartment
12. Distracting Demons – Church
13. Teleport – Cemetery
14. Remove – Salem Streets

My Life (7)
1. Marrying Julia – Church Nave 1F
2. Seeing My Own Corpse – Police Station 1F
3. My First Crimes – Police Station 1F
4. When Baxter Tried to Threaten Me – Police Station 2F
5. The Picture at the Beach – Salem Streets
6. The End of “Forever” – Salem Streets
7. Beatdowns – Salem Streets

Info About My Killer (39)
1. News Article #1 – Apartment 1F
2. Warning Poster – Apartment 1F
3. K. Douglas Personal Info – Police Station 2F
4. K. Douglas Police Progress – Police Station 2F
5. C. Nelson Personal Info – Police Station 1F
6. C. Nelson Police Progress – Police Station 1F
7. A. Grace Personal Info – Police Station 2F
8. Status A. Grace Police Progress – Police Station 1F
9. G. Soderberg Personal Info – Police Station 1F
10. G. Soderberg Police Progress – Police Station 1F
11. Map of Killings – Police Station 2F
12. Missing Persons Report – Police Station 1F
13. Witness Description of Clothing – Police Station 1F
14. Suspect Released – Police Station 1F
15. Killer’s Profile – Police Station 2F
16. Spray-Painted Graffiti – Cemetery
17. Tabloid Article #1
18. Tabloid Article #2
19. News Article #5
20. News Article #6
21. Tabloid Article #3
22. Poem 1 – Judgment House
23. Poem 2 – Judgment House
24. Poem 3 – Judgment House
25. Poem 4 – Judgment House
26. K. Douglas Cause of Death – Salem Streets
27. K. Douglas Family Photo – Salem Streets
28. C. Nelson Cause of Death – Salem Streets

29. C. Nelson Family Photo – Salem Streets

30. A. Grace Cause of Death – Salem Streets
31. A. Grace Publicity Photo – Salem Streets
32. G. Soderberg Family Photo – Salem Streets
33. Chalk Bell Symbol – Salem Streets
34. Baxter’s Official Comment – Salem Streets
35. News Article #2 – Salem Streets
36. News Article #3 – Salem Streets
37. News Article #4 – Salem Streets
38. Witness View of Eyes – Salem Streets
39. Witness Trauma Report – Salem Streets

Julia’s Thoughts (38)
1. Lillian and Lillian – Apartment 3F
2. Meeting Ronan’s Parents – Apartment 4F
3. Ronan’s Fedora – Church Nave 1F
4. Second Time’s a Charm – Church Nave 2F
5. Can’t Stop Loving Him – Church Nave 1F
6. Sanctuary – Church Rectory 2F
7. Plain Clothes Cop – Police Station 2F
8. Ronan Gets His Badge – Police Station 2F
9. Ronan’s Trouble with the Law – Police Station 2F
10. Visit to the Station – Police Station 2F
11. Meaning Behind “Cheated Death” – Cemetery
12. New Roses Tattoo – Cemetery
13. New Justice Tattoo – Cemetery
14. Why Ronan Became a Cop – Cemetery
15. Rex on Ronan’s Record – Cemetery
16. Smokin’ Ronan – Cemetery
17. Reckless Ronan – Cemetery
18. A Stroll Through the Graveyard – Cemetery
19. Hospital Support – Hospital
20. Seeking Advice from Rex – Hospital
21. Ronan Meets Rex – Museum
22. Museum Date – Museum
23. Fight with Ronan – Judgment House
24. Pondering the Proposal – Judgment House
25. Life, and After – Judgment House
26. Ronan the Stranger – Judgment House
27. Meaning of Dollar Tattoo – Salem Streets
28. That Car Tattoo – Salem Streets
29. The Day We Met – Salem Streets
30. Harassed by Baxter – Salem Streets
31. Salem Feels Dangerous – Salem Streets
32. Ronan Pops the Question – Salem Streets
33. Our Little Town – Salem Streets
34. Ronan’s Childhood – Salem Streets
35. Ronan’s Teens – Salem Streets
36. Family of Three – Salem Streets
37. Escorted by a Knight – Salem Streets
38. Day at the Beach – Salem Streets

Rex’s Thoughts (2)
1. Rex’s Sense of Guilt – Salem Streets
2. Rex’s Gratitude – Police Station 2F

Truth About Baxter (2)
1. Baxter’s Relationship with the Witness’s Mother – Police Station 1F
2. Baxter and Ronan’s Mutual Animosity

Profiler’s Memories (6)
1. Concern for Joy’s Safety – Apartment 4F
2. Insights on the Killer’s Motives – Police Station 2F
3. Fear of More Killings
4. The Killer’s Delusions
5. Museum Spirits – Museum
6. Sensing Judgment House Disturbances – Judgment House

Ghost Girl’s Messages (23)
1. Gallows – Apartment 2F
2. Coffins – Apartment 3F
3. Dunking Chair – Church Rectory 1F
4. Staircase – Church Rectory 2F
5. Demons – Church Attic
6. Cannon – Police Station 1F
7. Judge – Police Station 1F
8. Sacrifice – Cemetery
9. Ghost – Cemetery
10. Twins – Hospital
11. Pillory – Hospital
12. Baptism – Hospital
13. The Accused – Hospital
14. Mansion – Museum
15. Caught – Museum
16. Flowers – Salem Streets
17. Poppet – Salem Streets
18. Storm – Salem Streets
19. Quest – Salem Streets
20. In Her Hands – Salem Streets
21. Burning – Salem Streets
22. Darkness – Salem Streets
23. Stone – Salem Streets

Ghost Stories (8)
1. A Watery Grave (7) – Apartment
2. The Bell Tower Banshee (11) – Church
3. The Stalwart Specter (8) – Police Station
4. The Heirloom (13) – Cemetery
5. Man in the Box (10) – Hospital
6. Terror on the Tracks (15) – Museum
7. Ashes to Ashes (11) – Judgment House
8. Eternal Flame (16) – Salem Streets

Salem’s History (25)
1. Rectory Dedication Plaque – Church Rectory 1F
2. Organ Dedication Plaque – Church Nave 2F
3. Burned Rectory Plaque – Church Nave 2F
4. 1775 Fortress Plaque – Police Station 1F
5. Forensic Facility Plaque – Police Station 1F
6. 1777 Battle Plaque – Police Station 1F
7. 1776 Battle Plaque – Police Station 1F
8. Yellow Fever Memorial Plaque – Cemetery
9. William Pynchon Memorial Plaque – Cemetery
10. Graveyard History Plaque – Cemetery
11. Asylum Dedication Plaque – Hospital
12. Spanish Flu Memorial Plaque – Hospital
13. Surgical Instruction Theater Dedication Plaque – Hospital
14. Train Station Memorial Plaque – Museum
15. Museum Donor Plaque – Museum
16. Dunking a Gossip – Museum
17. Baker in the Stocks – Museum
18. Colonial Kitchen Plaque – Judgment House
19. Colonial Parlor Plaque – Judgment House
20. Colonial Cellar Plaque – Judgment House
21. Armaments History Plaque – Salem Streets
22. Fountain Dedication Plaque – Salem Streets
23. Pirate History Plaque – Salem Streets
24. Gas Station History Plaque – Salem Streets
25. Ashland Hills Cemetery Plaque – Salem Streets

Witch Trials History (9)
1. Book of Engravings – Museum
2. Prayer Book – Museum
3. Judgment House Plaque – Salem Streets
4. Witch Trial History Plaque – Museum
5. First Witch Execution Plaque – Museum
6. German Witch Trial – Museum
7. Medieval Witch Book – Museum
8. Witchcraft Superstition Plaque – Museum
9. Judge’s Diary – Judgment House

Credit to: The Dagda Mor from this link:

The Church re-visit GLITCH – I wanted to post this way down here so that it doesn’t spoil anything – this happens after you poltergeist the phone in the church hallway and get the cop to come down the hallway and then you can possess him to get past the demon pit. Leave the cop’s body when you’re on solid ground and follow the hall to an open door that leads out into a courtyard that you visited before when you possessed a CAT to get to the Attic to find Joy (the witness) before. If you get to the open door and do not see the cut scene that SHOULD be there- then follow this:

“If the cutscene and investigation don’t start then walk outside to the courtyard, look up towards the open window where you used the cat before to egt to the attic and up there, and use teleporting to teleport to a ledge, not inside a window but a little ledge, teleport there and it will put you inside and activate a cutscene and investigation, whatever you do DON’T go back downstairs to the cop because then it will be ruined and you’ll have to start from the last checkpoint, after you’ve done everyting upstairs and you have to go to the Bell Killer’s hideout then you’re free to leave the church and that will continue the story without you having to do the investigation for that person”. – credit to Slash A on a Youtube Video for helping with this glitch. With this information I was able to get through it- and NOT abandon the game.

A little extra info here- the ledge is hard to see. Stand near the stone statue and look up at that open window. Aim for just under and to the left or right of the window where the ivy is growing. You should be able to teleport to that area and the new cut scene for that room will trigger you right into the room. As Slash A says, DONT go back to that courtyard or you’ll have to reload the entire thing all over again because you’ll have no way of getting past the cop because you’ll be phased back into the hallway to finish the investigation that the game doesn’t realize that you cannot finish since it’s bugged. Also, if there’s no cut scene in that room, you can’t teleport to that open window on your own without the cut scene- I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work. So just do the rest of the quests up to leaving the church. You will always have that open investigation objective now, but at least once you can leave the church, it won’t keep you from experiencing the rest of the game!




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2 responses to “A Gaming Kind of Weekend – #MurderedSoulSuspect

  1. Vanessa Dennington

    August 14, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    When that happened to me Figure Out If Iris is Safe…I went all the back through the church to the front door, then turned around and went back to the courtyard I got my cut scene back.

  2. Shasta

    December 10, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    Awesome, thank you so much. I was about to just quit the game entirely. Again, thank you.


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