Guardians of the Galaxy post- #GuardiansoftheGalaxy #GoT

07 Aug

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I was a guest on the Slashercast Side Effect discussing the new Marvel movie – Guardians of the Galaxy

Without going into all of the detail that the audio episode can give you, let me just say that this new film that came from the mind of James Gunn and Nicole Perlman, is now in the top favorites of my superhero movie list. I feel as if many of these new superhero movies end up almost easily topping each other as they come out (or I enjoy them enough for them to end up neck and neck with each other because they are just becoming so dang good each time).

I saw the movie twice in the same weekend and to be honest, I really would go back a third time to see it if the chance came up (is it bad of me that I hope the moment does arrive?). It was that much fun. Packed with humor, entertainment, and cinematic magic, it was truly a blast to watch. Don’t let a CGI raccoon and (limited) talking tree stop you from going to see this. It might just be *why* you end up liking the film so much.

The episode is up on the Slashercast feed stream but you can also listen to it here:




Some of that great music







Hooked on a Feeling

Come and Get Your Love

Full album –





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