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18 Oct


I stumbled across another anime show that I found myself liking quite a bit on Netflix (I’m so glad that Netflix carries ‘obscure-to-me’ shows that I’d miss anywhere else!). As with most anime’s it isn’t for “everyone” and I have not seen nor read the comics that it’s based from.

There is something about the Intro song imagery that speaks to me and I haven’t quite figured out what that is yet. The song is definitely catchy, but this teddy bear in chains imagery reminds me of a bizzarro fiction book (pictured at the end of the post) that I really want to read, but haven’t picked up yet. I don’t think the author plans to put it out as a Kindle edition and I just haven’t had a chance to order it yet. For the same reason that I want to see if an author can take a weird concept and turn it into fiction that *I* could sink into, I just found the idea of blood magic in Deadman Wonderland as weapons a really interesting concept in this new (to me) series. It ends abruptly, as if the series meant to continue and I think they could have left off the very last episode until they had a second season lined up but who knows, perhaps we’ll get a second one and this was just a taste of it.


Disclaimer for those not into anime: I think you have to enjoy the anime genre for what they are knowing that some eye-rolling will eventually likely take place and I don’t mean this to negate how much fun that I have watching them, I just find myself mentally ‘skipping over’ and ignoring some content or character behaviors that can feel irritating to me.

Why do I find anime enjoyable to watch? Well, really- there’s usually a state of complexity to each series and you can find some layered character types (when we’re not focusing on specific over dramatic teenage behavior). Also, they are action packed cartoons that usually have an equal male and female badass. So they take care of that part of my soul that still loves my childhood while allowing me to enjoy seeing a female character in a place of power- even if the female characters are usually drawn aesthetically to appeal to a male audience. I can overlook things like that, usually, in this kind of genre because I’ve become desensitized to it for the most part. I know that going into anime there’s a kind of formula to it that I need to subscribe to in order to watch it and find entertainment from it. *shrug* I roll my eyes and let myself enjoy what I ‘came here for’ and that’s that. Anyway, it sounds like I’m defending myself, and I guess in a way I am- people who know I love the Outlander series might look at this post and shake their head wondering “what in the actual eff is wrong with her tastes?” and all I can really say to that is, “I like what I like.”

It’s the same way that I enjoy reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s series (Acheron & Styxx) and The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. They are, in some ways, a superhero storyline that I find entertainment with– like comic books; but would never deem them as being my top favorite reads next to say, Outlander. I think we’re all like that. Diverse tastes in 1 body. Fun is fun, after all.


If you haven’t checked out Deadman Wonderland, I’d say to give it a try. If you already subscribe to Netflix, it’s there for free. Beware that there is blood magic involved and a brutal massacre scene in the first episode that if you look too deeply into, is really sad and tragic and I in no way, enjoyed those scenes — but have enjoyed the rest of the series for what it is. I just don’t like watching school massacres. Not pleasant imagery.


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