#Outlander inspired me to Crochet

18 Oct



So…do you remember when I said that “I like what I like” (aka a lot of weird contradictory kinds of things)?

Well. Here I go again.

I’m teaching myself via the wonderful world of Youtube, how to crochet. Granted, I know the basics. My mother taught me when I was a little girl how to do the basic chain and work basic stitches along the foundation chain, but to do anything fancy? Not so much.

Thanks to the Outlander tv show however, I have started crocheting so that I can have a nice Outlander inspired cowl for when the winter weather hits. I’ve made two scarves so far and have been working on a new type of stitching :

I actually bought a set of knitting needles as well, though I have not had the time yet to sit down and learn how to make anything with *those* yet. One thing at a time. For right now, there’s a lot of practice going on (and a lot of swearing over some fancy knot work) but I’m a stubborn sort, so I watch over and over again- or find other tutorials to figure out what I’m missing (when I start out, none of my foundation looks anything like what they are showing in the videos so I rip it all out and start over. A bunch of times, until it starts looking right.)

I’m not sure how far this new little hobby will go – but it’s fun and gives my hands something to do when I kick back and catch up with some Fall tv shows that I’ve fallen behind on because of my evening class schedule (How to Get Away with Murder, The Walking Dead, etc). I’ll post pictures of what I end up with at a later time 🙂

Hey, if the zombie apocalypse ever comes, at least I’ll know how to make blankets and scarves – and keep my hands busy while I’m hiding my arse off in a basement or something. *grin*




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