Today marks the official beginning of #NanoWriMo

01 Nov


So if you’ve ever considered writing a novel – this is the month to give it a try. There is a lot of help, participation, and cheerleading to help you get started and keep you going.

I’ve known about NanoWriMo for a number of years but this is the first time I’ve personally signed up to try to get some word count in. Usually when November would hit, I was already knee deep in some existing work so I never wanted to leave that and start something anew for Nano (if I wanted to “win” for writing a complete book in a month).

A lot of you may already know that I have written in the past and have been published on the small publisher market (a great community of people) but I took a break after my published novella, “Cryptic” and then shortly after- I moved to another state. Then my grandmother passed away. I know. It sounds all like cliche, but as the saying goes “life happens/life gets in the way.”

I’m hoping that I can jump start my writing again – as I have several “in progress” books that I want to see eventually finished. I just have to “begin again” and get back on the horse. I’m hoping this is the month that revives my ambition and if you’re reading this- I hope that if you’re interested in NanoWriMo, that you’re taking advantage of the community there as well. 


NanoWriMo "writer's block and cue card keychain"

NanoWriMo “writer’s block and cue card keychain”







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