Even the happy people get da bluuuueesss sometimes… #NaNoWriMo #SWNano

05 Nov

I’ve had a few weeks now where my stress level has felt at times- a little too high for my liking. This morning I’m pretty sure all the little people in “The Attack of the 50ft Woman” were running for their very lives in panic on my kitchen tile. *stomp, stomp*

I’ve felt a littttle like the dangly fella on this “roll”.

Work, School, NaNoWriMo= run screaming in the streets. Just not naked.

Work, School, NaNoWriMo= run screaming in the streets. Just not naked.

But as we all do (since I know it’s not just ‘me’), I end up pulling myself up out of the mire and just keep trying to focus on that end goal. The finish line.

Am I cranky? Mm hm. Am I tired? Yep. Is it hard to focus sometimes? Indeed.

But I keep on focusing on love, friendship, my cat, goals, — and my bed where I get the ‘bestest-est’ of Zzzz’s.

Thanks to my friends, the Universe, and the loves in my life (comedy helps too. I’ve had a few really great podcasts that I’ve listened to that lift my spirits and keep me going!)

Things feel tough and I feel all Godzilla attacking the City (notice all the giant ‘monster’ references? I think I have Pacific Rim on the brain) mode on occasion, but- I’m hanging in there and I’m getting shiznit done. 🙂 So for now…the cranky me, can just stuff a sock in it and be “happy me”.

Until tomorrow— when it starts alllllll over again 😉


It's a beautiful thing. I can't wait.

It’s a beautiful thing. I can’t wait.




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