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01 Dec

I wrote 50k words in November!



I know there are some people who follow me who may not share in the same delights that I do, so I’ll keep this post short for the sake of you all, but I hope those of you who don’t share my interests in novel writing and the NaNoWriMo event this year, will allow me to CHEER !

I set out to do NaNoWriMo (National November/Novel Writing Month) this year as a jump start to finishing more of my projects in progress. I managed to complete the first draft of something new that I’ve been interested in compiling for a bigger purpose for while and while it’s “completed” in the sense that I wrote 50,000 words on it – it’s only a first draft. Most of you know that the first draft of anything needs revision until it’s the way it’s best presentable, so it needs a lot of work before it even sees the light of day. But. It’s done! I’m pleased to feel the rush of satisfaction in knowing that it’s 2 out of the 3 things that I wanted to achieve for 2014. (I managed to write a short story based on some characters from my novella Cryptic back in January this year, but the publication I’d intended it for fell through.) The third thing was one that I’m sure plagues many of us – the diet and exercise “thing” that never quite managed to stick. I yo-yo’d quite a bit this year and with classes…I pretty much said TTFN to it with my work load. I’ll refocus on that for next year <again>.

So what now? Well, next year I’ll work on revisions for what I’ve done in November, but this month I will return my focus on a sequel plan that I have for Cryptic and hope that I’ll have success in finishing the first draft of it also. Maybe some time next year will be when I dust myself off and become published again. One can hope. Or…I can. 🙂  I don’t stop the desire to write more, but as we all know, life gets in the way and if you’re not writing as a full time job and able to support yourself from it (contrary to how everyone views being a writer, not every author can earn a living wage writing), one must find other means to make ends meet.

So. On to the *Snoopy happy dance* 🙂


There. Post complete. Happiness attained. DAC Approved. 😉 

nanowrimo wallpaper


*note: NaNoWriMo is a month where writers get together to collectively write generally a new manuscript of their choosing – as a solo endeavor in the novel itself, but with participants collaboratively focused and encouraging daily word counts of each other in social media, forums, or local group write-in sessions. The goal is to reach 50k of new content in 30 days. The idea is to engage each other in creative and shared love of writing novels. Some participate to jump start their passion for writing again, some like the local participation, and some do it because they’ve been doing it a long time and have proven results (published works). 50k in itself is a pretty short book to read and often an author will add much more to that in later revisions of the draft, but it takes some effort to write 1667 words every day for 30 straight days (unless you’re a full time or prolific author, in which case, that’s just a drop in the bucket). As with anything it depends on your vantage point.



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