Project 731 A #Kaiju Thriller novel is OUT!

02 Dec


A Kaiju. Like ‘Godzilla’. Like the villains in Pacific Rim (which I LOVE).



So I wanted to post up and say that I’m totally banana-bonkers excited that Jeremy Robinson has published a new book in his “Project” series that blends his heroes from ‘Project Nemesis’, ‘Island 731’, and ‘Project Maigo’ (you need to read them in THAT order so that they all fall into place, if you’re new to the series and want to catch up on them). From Jeremy’s blog it looks like he has plans to do a major book cross-over in 2016 that will further this “Project” series, so it’s not over with this book either. Look at that amazing cover art! That’s not even the end of it. There are actual fan drawings INSIDE too!

I was never an original ‘Godzilla’ fan way back in the day. The Matthew Broderick one didn’t strike me as a great addition to the genre either, though I don’t rank on it as much as some others might. I don’t think it was trying to be serious. I loved ‘Jurassic Park‘ and Peter Jackson’s ‘King Kong‘- which may have sparked my love for giant monsters – but when ‘Pacific Rim‘ came out- I lost my mind with how much I loved it. It was just…so. Much. Fun. I saw it in theaters 3 times easily in the first 3 weeks.

We know that some of the sequels to these movies will be coming to theaters in the next year or two but until then, where can we get the fresh experience of those giant monsters again?

I think you know what I’ll say to that.

You need to check these books out. Give the first one a try and see if it grabs your attention. If it doesn’t, maybe film is your Huckleberry and not text versions. No worries in that case. But if you’re looking for that thrill of an action adventure story with 300ft Kaiju, you’ve gotta read the guy that has basically started his own sub-genre category title with this series. If you’re on the move and can’t read them – the audiobooks are awesome (if you’ve been listening to The Shelf Life, then you know I love audiobooks). I’ve been a fan of R.C Bray (who narrates ‘Island 731’) for many books (check him out!) and he’s an excellent ‘Hawkins’ and Jeffrey Kafer (narrates the ‘Project’ series) is an awesome voice for the hero, Hudson.

If you’re reading this and feel excited to try the book/s out – I recommend reading them in chronological/publication order starting with (there is a specific reason that I recommend them this way, but you can read them in almost any order you want to, as long as ‘Project Nemesis’ comes first and ‘Project 731‘ comes last):

Project Nemesis

Island 731

Project Maigo

Project 731

And I’d like to add a further recommendation. When you’re done with those ones – give Jeremy’s other series (under his other name) a try. Jane Harper is a first class horror heroine and I’m waiting for book 3. Maybe I’ll get lucky and some day there will be a huge cross over with Jane involved. Oh, I hope so! She may be tough, rough, and brash, but she has my attention and I want to see what she’ll do next. See what you think and pass it on if you like these books 🙂

The Sentinel


sentinel-big the_raven


Now, please excuse me while I go back and get some reading done. Come here, Project 731!

Enjoy your new books too!


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