With January came…the “diet” but the food is good! #diet #JarSalad

01 Feb

I’m sure we’re all guilty of the New Years Resolutions to eat better and try to lose weight by way of food consumption and physical exercise. I guess you could say that I’m no different in that aim and idea. This January for 4 weeks straight I made salad jars (thanks to my buddy Scott Clark for posting the idea on Facebook and giving me the idea) every Sunday to last me 5 working days. The greens NEVER became soggy as long as you keep the jars upright and not mixing with the rest of the ingredients and you keep the salad at the top of the jar away from any dressing you’re using.

The aim of the Sunday prep is 2 fold. 1) to have a pre-made meal ready to go into my lunch bag every work weekday and 2) to control what I was going to be eating each day at work. Along with the salad jars I brought various diet friendly snacks to get through the day. Fruit, smoothies, cucumber salad (see below), yogurt, homemade oatmeal (see below), etc.

I’ve posted pictures and info in each below in case you’re also interested or- failing any desire to eat healthy – just want to make pre-made lunches for your work week. You can also do a similar idea with baggies if you don’t have jars at hand – though you may wish to put the dressing in a completely separate container to keep the contents fresh.


Salads in Jars. Honey mustard, chicken, bacon, cucumbers, tomatoes, slivered almonds, and lettuce (some jars required a separate bag of lettuce not shown). With a homemage egg breakfast “muffin”. 5 bags pre-made to grab on the “go”.


Salad in Jars- honey mustard, ham cubes, tomatoes, egg, spinach. Fruit & Veggie smoothies- I always add extra spinach, carrots, flax seeds, chia, sliced almonds, and pineapple slices.



Make sure to leave the jar right side up so nothing mixes and gets soggy prematurely and you’ll have salads in a jar for 5+ days if you pre-make them. Easy Peasy. You shake the jar up when you’re ready to eat it, mixing everything up. Then dump it in a bowl and you’re good to go.


Taco Salad in a jar. Salsa, ground turkey, tomatoes, spinach/lettuce. Top jar is homemade oatmeal. See below for instructions how to make your own. It can be eaten cold or microwaved warm. Mine contained: raspberries, vanilla almond milk, vanilla Dannon yogurt, & chia seeds)


Basic picture instructions. You can google the homemade oatmeal and locate a recipe that you like.

Cucumber salad in a plastic baggie for a treat/side snack. I removed the green exterior of the cuc then sliced it. Added red onion, pepper, olive oil, and white distilled vinegar. Let it set for a few hours in the refrigerator so it was nice and cold. Just beware of leaking baggies or punctures and otherwise, it’s a good little salad to have on the “go”. Adjust flavor to your taste. I don’t consume the red onion – I just use it to flavor the mix, but I know some people actually DO like onions 😉



This is on my list to try next. I love the idea and have everything I need already to make it. Thought I’d share incase you’re interested in a dessert idea.







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