Nov 1st
Today kicks off the beginning of NanoWriMo and though my schedule is completely insane until mid-December, I am going to try to participate everyday in the event so that I can make some progress on new projects (which will hopefully light a fire under some of my existing WIP’s as well). Let’s hope for some magic this month, eh? 🙂

NanoWriMo "writer's block and cue card keychain"

NanoWriMo “writer’s block and cue card keychain”

October 12, 2012- Expanded weekend events World Zombie Day.
Local Zombie Pub Crawl – hosted by the Zombie Action Committee.
Pittsfield Zombie Prom

The ZAC is looking for makeup artists and volunteers for the event. Please email: for more information.

This year the ZAC is asking for sponsors and donations to help with the event – please see the list of items for donations here:

October 8th, 2011- World Zombie Day.
Local Zombie Pub Crawl- hosted by Zombie Action Committee in Pittsfield and Adams, MA.
Event starts at 5pm until midnight. Pittsfield activities include late night festivities in the local establishments.
Pittsfield Zombie Pub Crawl II

Dottie’s Coffee Lounge is hosting professional zombie make-up for 4.00 a person from 5-7pm. In the event that Dottie’s is booked- check out this handy video that ZAC posted on how to do your own zombie make up.


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